ACS | HDR: A Cinematographer’s Perspective

Posted on November 3, 2022 in Training & Skills by Australian Cinematographers Society

The Australian Cinematographers Society with help from Panavision, Sony, Dolby and Netflix have created a video to take a look at the new HDR standards that displace the venerable Rec 709 and will inevitably create the new image framework for the 21st century.

We hope to dispel the myths and clearly outline the many advantages a cinematographer can hope to bring to a production with a HDR finish. Artistically the window of both colour and exposure is greatly expanded and for the first time content creators can control how their work is displayed on the myriad of modern devices.

In the video the ACS shoot both a controlled Studio test with Toby Oliver ACS and a short film project for practical real world experience and follow through to the HDR grade. We discuss and explore with cinematographers and colourists how to best adapt to this new paradigm. 

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The Australian Cinematographers Society


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