Behind the scenes: My First Mixed Reality Shoot

Posted on November 1, 2021 in Behind the Scenes, Partner Content by ARRI

In recognition of the esteemed participants of “My First Mixed Reality Shoot” panel discussion and ARRI’s unique mixed reality studio, ARRI captured it live with AMIRA Live cameras.

Three AMIRA Live channels covered the event, one ALEXA Mini with an external ARRI (DTS) fibreoptic interface mounted on a jib with SRH-360, and one ALEXA Mini LF on AGITO with SRH-360 with a radio-link interface.

ARRI caught up with the crew behind the shoot to chat about their experience, and this overview is their feedback. Cinematographers Greig Fraser ASC, ACS, Martin Ruhe ASC, and Magdalena Gorka PSC, along with DNEG’s Paul Franklin and director/DoP Robert Payton, shared their early shooting experiences on mixed reality production.

Zoe Mutter, the editor of British Cinematographer magazine, chaired the panel, and it was produced by ARRI and Creative Technology, making it a double first.

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