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Posted on February 23, 2022 in Filmmakers Academy, Partner Content, Training & Skills by Filmmakers Academy

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN: In every movie, television series, web series, music video, or commercial — blocking is present and is one of the most important aspects of the movie making process. Whether you are moving a person or an inanimate object, breaking down a scene into action, beats, and cues is going to bring life to the screen. It’s important as a cinematographer to be a part of this process and to get the most out of your blocking rehearsals, and with blocking rehearsals comes coverage. Shane Hurlbut, ASC takes you through the steps of crafting a scene to life through coverage and blocking. You’ll learn the tricks and tips to make sure you and the director are on the same page so you’ll have the tools to get the coverage you need and to sell the audience on your vision.

  • How to break a scene down into coverage.
  • The importance of picking the right lens for each shot.
  • How composition can change the emotion of a story.
  • Figuring out ways to collaborate with your director during blocking rehearsal.
  • Understanding ways to get the most out of your actors with blocking.
  • How to establish a scene.
  • Creating emotion through different methods of coverage.
  • Different types of coverage when shooting a scene.
  • How to craft the perfect “Over-the-Shoulder” shot.
  • Breaking down the camera’s movement to create flow in your scenes.
  • Understanding when and when not to break the “180° Rule.”
  • Figuring out how to break the “180° Rule” in your favor.
  • The tools and tips for crafting perfect A/B shots.
  • Picking the right tools to shoot the scene.
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