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Posted on December 14, 2022 in Behind the Scenes by Sarah Thomas Moffatt

Sarah Thomas Moffat is a cinematographer who works internationally, while based between LA and London. In Burbank California recently, she rode her motorcycle into the ARRI Creative Space studio to film with their virtual production technology. Working with ARRI engineers, Sarah created the opportunity to test Unreal 5 Engine assets, while lighting on the set in a traditional fashion of cinema. ARRI equipment was used for capture; an LF Studio camera, an ARRI Signature zoom lens, and various ARRI lights.  

Sarah is also a natural director and communicated to the engineers her vision for the scene. Walking through the Unreal 5 engine she chose a section of the virtual city, and then lit the scene based on the time of day desired. This video is a demo of those scenes, and a mix of colour grade options to showcase the amazing flexibility of virtual production and her work. Please contact Sarah directly for hires.

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Sarah Thomas Moffatt


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