Filmmakers Academy | How to Tech Scout a Location Deadfall

Posted on May 18, 2023 in Filmmakers Academy, Partner Content by Filmmakers Academy

Welcome to our technical scout! I always bring my Key Grip and my Gaffer with me to the tech scouts. And we are going to dive in to the technical aspects of this location. First key piece of advice: Set out a plan. I know that I am going to be shooting 3 scenes at 3 times of day in this location – Late Afternoon, Dusk and Twilight – all of which are being filmed at day time in bright sunshine. Therefore it is imperative to have a plan for each scene to block out or control the natural ambience.

This is from the course “Script to Screen: A Cinematographer’s Guidebook” be sure to visit the Filmmakers Academy platform to learn how Shane Hurlbut, ASC preps his projects. Using the film Deadfall as a reference, Shane demonstrates the challenges of your location, like constantly changing light. 

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