Goodbye Kansas delivers fairytale VFX for Carnival Row S2

Posted on April 14, 2023 in Behind the Scenes, Showcase, Visual Effects by Goodbye Kansas

Goodbye Kansas Studios has delivered 123 shots and over 50 character and environment assets for the second season of Amazon Prime Video’s Carnival Row.

Carnival Row, which premiered in 2019, is an American neo-noir fantasy series. The show stars Cara Delevigne as Vignette and Orlando Bloom as Philo, the main characters in a world where mystical creatures are refugees in human society.

Goodbye Kansas joined as a visual effects provider for season two, working during the pandemic with a combined team of over 100 VFX artists and technicians. The visual effects production at Goodbye Kansas Studios was supervised by Joel Lindman as VFX Supervisor and Staffan Linder as Animation Lead. When discussing the brief and scope of their work on Carnival Row season two, the Goodbye Kansas team describes it as a “mixed bag”, ranging from fairytale digital characters and monstrous transformation sequences to crowd simulations and entire CG environments.

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