Neil Oseman | Cinematography for Drama: Introduction

Posted on May 23, 2022 in Training & Skills by Neil Oseman

Neil Oseman, a regular contributor to British Cinematographer and a DP with over 20 years’ experience, teaches some simple techniques to create depth and mood in this introductory video from his new online course, Cinematography for Drama.

The full course is available here and BCinePlayer viewers can get lifetime access for just £13.99 using the voucher code BCINEPLAYER before June 20th.

The course follows Neil as he sets up and shoots scenes in four common locations: domestic banter in a sunny kitchen, a monologue in a dark bedroom, an awkward first date in a restaurant, and a walk-and-talk in an outdoor bar. Watch him try out different blocking and camera angles to get the most depth and interest in the frame, create movement using a slider and a gimbal, and work out the coverage needed to complete the scene. Then learn the secrets of cinematic lighting as he sets up LED, tungsten and practical lights to create a look. Witness the camera rehearsals through to the final take, then sit back and watch the final edited scene. Every step of the way, Neil explains what he’s doing and why, as well as the alternatives you could consider for your own films.

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