Filmmakers Academy | How a director preps a commercial

Posted on March 23, 2022 in Filmmakers Academy, Partner Content, Training & Skills by Filmmakers Academy

In this Lesson, Shane Hurlbut, ASC discusses his time working with director Greg Popp on their Century 21 commercial and how they prepare with limited time. Since in commercials you don’t have the weeks of pre-production like the feature world, you need to maximize your efforts in all departments. Shane breaks down working with director Greg Popp in pre-production and on the day to get this commercial in the can, allowing you to be best prepared for any commercial shoot.

  • What steps to take to fully prep for a commercial shoot.
  • Working with different directors on different projects.
  • How to communicate the vision to the team.
  • Understanding the nuances of communication between departments.
  • How to use your boards as pre-visualization.
  • The importance of a director’s location scout.
  • How to prep with limited time on a commercial set.
  • Utilizing tools to recreate the commercial during the scout.
  • How a location scout can help dial in shots and lens choice.
  • Tips for working with your director.
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