Rick Joaquim SASC / Adjustments

Posted on March 14, 2022 in Short Films, Showcase, Up and Coming Talent by The Lot Productions

Adjustments as a short film encourages us to confront grief and mental health and how art can change the course of that process, providing new perspectives to help us move forward. We shouldn’t expect that every performance we attend or hear should impact our lives profoundly – this would be an unrealistic expectation of our industry and it is this expectation that sometimes leads us to make bad decisions. Yet on the other hand, it is also important that we allow ourselves to submit to the powerful things that beautiful music and drama can do to us.  We have all had moments in the theatre when something on stage seems to resonate deeply with us, or reflects back at us something of ourselves. Maya, behind her sound desk, on her first challenging day back at work after trauma, experiences a small revelation, not just from hearing the music, but by her interaction with the performer who provided it.

Video credits & links:

Director: Harry Mackrill
Producer: Nisha Oza
DOP: Rick Joaquim SASC
Production Company: The Lot Productions


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