Matthew Lewis discusses capturing Boiling Point and working with Canning 24 and Focus24

Posted on June 13, 2022 in BSC Expo, Behind the Scenes, Industry Events, Interviews by Canning 24 & Focus 24

DP Matthew Lewis was awarded the Best Cinematography Award in 2021 by BIFA for Boiling Point, directed by Philip Barantini and starring Stephen Graham, Vinette Robinson, Ray Panthaki and Hannah Walters. 

The talented, young DP captured this film in one single continuous take. With equipment and support provided by Canning 24 and Focus 24, Matthew was able to develop a camera rig to control and explore the Sony Venice in Rialto mode in order to make the camerawork swifter and easier. 

The film premiered at the 55th Karlovy Vary festival in the Czech to critical acclaim. It was also a success at London Film Festival 2021.

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