REALTIME’s Ridley Road VFX Breakdown

Posted on November 17, 2021 in Showcase, Visual Effects by REALTIME

REALTIME teamed up with Manchester’s RED Production Company (a STUDIOCANAL company), on Ridley Road, the four-part BBC One drama series adapted for television by award-winning writer Sarah Solemani (Barry, Aphrodite Fry), from the critically acclaimed novel by Jo Bloom.

Ridley Road, a thriller set against the backdrop of a swinging sixties London, focuses on an East End world where far right fascism is on the rise. Inspired by the struggle of the 62 Group, a coalition of Jewish men who stood up against rising neo-Nazism in post-war Britain, Ridley Road sees a young Jewish woman, Vivien Epstein, leaving her comfortable life in Manchester and starting to work with them.

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